Breakthrough Method Allows You To Baffle & Amaze People By Predicting Their Decisions With 100% Accuracy!

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I’m going to show you a revolutionary secret that allows you perform amazingly direct mind reading. It will open your eyes to a new and exciting world… a world where you can correctly predict any 50:50 choice, decision, thought or action. What’s more, you can do it whenever and wherever you want and repeat it again and again!

So how did this effect come about?

I’ve been studying and performing mentalism for over 10 years and from the very beginning I was looking for a fool-proof way to pick up on what a spectator is thinking or what they are about to choose. I found that even only a fifty-fifty choice was a remarkably difficult thing to predict consistently. Over the years I bought and developed a whole host of different methods that ranged from using psychology or reading body language right through to expensive covert electronics. They all had their problems:

  • Some of them were unreliable – they let me increase my chances of being correct but there was still a risk that I’d be wrong. Needless to say this can be embarrassing – but if you are betting on the fact you are correct it can also be expensive!
  • Some of them were too limited – they might have let me correctly predict whether a coin was being held in someone’s “Left” or “Right” hand – but not whether they were thinking of something “Hot” or “Cold”.
  • Others were too indirect – they required the spectator writing something down, suspicious moves, or using some prop that really distracted from direct mindreading that I wanted to achieve.

I was just about ready to give up on the idea of a direct, repeatable, 100% accurate mind reading effect when I stumbled across this new method. I was so excited by its simplicity and reliability that the effect went straight in to my act and I’ve been refining and developing it ever since and have now packaged it into book titled the “Yes/No Trick”.

So what exactly does the Yes/No Trick let you do?

You show two cards – one marked “Yes” and the other marked “No” and give them to the spectator to inspect. You then place one of the cards face down on the table and ask the spectator to try and guess which of the cards it is – the “Yes” card, or the “No” card.

By studying their body language and influencing their thought patterns you are able to force them to always guess incorrectly. In fact, you are so sure of yourself that you offer them the chance to win cold hard cash if they can guess correctly just once.

As a second stage of the effect, you then pass the cards to the spectator and switch roles. They are instructed to place a single card face down on the table. Needless to say, by examining their body language again and using psychological influence you are able to correctly guess whether they have placed the “Yes” or “No” card down every single time.

Benefits of the Yes/No Trick:

  • Works 100% of the time and can be repeated instantly.
  • No funny moves or sleight of hand required – only one card on the table.
  • Cards fully examinable both before and after the effect.
  • No flaps, magnets, sticky cards, elastic or other silliness.
  • Works with any fifty-fifty choice – you can use the principle to predict whether a coin is being hidden in the left/right hand; whether the spectator loves/hates someone; whether a statement is true/false or whether a coin shows heads/tails etc.
  • Can be performed on stage, as walk-around, close up and works equally well with friends and family as it does with complete strangers.
  • Easy to perform and takes only a few minutes of preparation and practice.

The book contains a selection professional grade effects and scripting as well as  a full framework that will allow you to create an unlimited number of effects based on the principle. People will be convinced that you have superhuman powers as you read their thoughts time after time after time!

Are you ready to download your copy?

If you were going to discover and refine the principle in the same way that I have you could expect to pay a minimum of several hundred dollars. I know that I’d wasted well over $1000 on mentalism and psychology products before this principle dawned on me.

The Yes/No Trick also pays for itself! The first time I performed it was to a group of friends in my local pub here in England. I was outsmarting them time after time and winning drinks off them all evening.

It also goes down really well with members of the opposite sex! It’s a great one-on-one effect that can really establish an emotional connection between two people.

Most importantly, it’s a strong effect that you will actually use – which is more than can be said for a lot of magic and metnalism products on the market. In fact it’s the one effect I always show to potential clients and I’ve been hired several times on the strength of the main routine supplied in the book alone.

I think you’ll agree the trick is easily worth several hundred dollars. In fact, fellow performers have told me that I’d be crazy to charge anything less than $100. But I want to price it so that it’s within reach of all performers – not just professionals… For that reason I’ve decided to sell the book for $67, but for a limited time you can pick it up for $27 – scroll down to get your copy now!

And just to take away any doubt that you are getting an amazing bargain - and as a sign of my confidence in the book - I’m prepared to take all the risk… If you are unhappy with the book and feel that it hasn’t delivered anything I’ve claimed I’ll happily issue you a refund – and as a gesture of goodwill, I’ll let you keep all the bonus products as well!

  • The complete Yes/No Trick ebook
  • The secret principle that the Yes/No Trick uses
  • Full preparation and performance instructions
  • Three full effects using the principle
  • A ton of ideas and tips to let you create your own effects
  • Full and unlimited personal support
  • Regular email updates with free bonus effects
  • Access to the secret owners forum where you can discuss how you are putting the Yes/No Trick to good use. (Coming Soon)

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Remember – These books are yours to keep – even if you later decide to return the Yes/No Trick for a refund!

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If you’ve still got questions, feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you decide you want a copy, press the “Add to Cart” button as soon as you can. The Yes/No Trick has only just launched and the price will be going up shortly!